Domaine de Brocfontaine

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Institut de la cuisine et la pâtisserie végétales, au Domaine de Brocfontaine

Domaine de Brocfontaine

Amazing easy vegan Burrata


200g silky tofu

125g of soy yogurt 100ml of soy milk

1 CS of lemon juice

1 CS of olive oil

1CC cider vinegar

1 CS tapioca flour

1/2 CC agar-agar



Start by putting all the ingredients in a super blender until you get a smooth cream.

Transfer this cream to a small saucepan and bring to a boil.

Cook for a few minutes by actively mixing with a whisk.

Let thicken to get the texture of a thick béchamel.

Take a bowl and put a large sheet of food film on it.

Pour your thickened cream over the film into the bowl.

Gather the edges of the food film and close tightly by making a solid knot.

Let cool, and place your bowl 30 minutes in the freezer.

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