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Institut de la cuisine et la pâtisserie végétales, au Domaine de Brocfontaine

Domaine de Brocfontaine

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Vegan Mayo

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Vegan Focaccia

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Vegan cream

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Vegan spring tofu rolls

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Exquisite Eggplant Caviar with Tomato Confit and Herb Crust

This is our favorite summer recipe with eggplant ! Try it asap! Ingredients: For the herb crust: For serving: Instructions: This dish combines the luscious creaminess of roasted eggplant caviar, the sweetness of cherry tomato confit, and the fragrant herb … Read More

Vegan Truffle Spring Onion and Asparagus Tart

Here’s the Vegan Truffle Spring Onion and Asparagus Tart recipe: For the pastry crust: For the filling: For garnish: Instructions: The Tart is now ready to impress with its elegant combination of truffle-infused creaminess and fresh, spring flavors. It’s a … Read More